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The Estonian Association of Hard of Hearing People (EVL) is a national nonprofit organization uniting hard of hearing organizations in Estonia. EVL was established on March 6th, 1993.

EVL aims are:

  • To coordinate and support  the activities of the member organizations to enable equal conditions and possibilities for hard of hearing people in daily life.
  • To provide a platform for co-operation and exchange of information between hard of hearing organizations and governmental bodies, local authorities.
  • To reach all  hard of hearing people and provide them with up-to-date information and hearing devices.
  • To give them full access to opportunities that are available to persons who can hear.



  • EVL  is a member of the Estonian Chamber of Disabled People that  provides funds for the activities of the EVL  through various projects.
  • Enrolment for the membership of the EVL is on the basis of the application.


The key targets of EVL:

  • To acknowledge the problems of the hard of hearing and  to foster solutions to the problems.
  • To participate in the formulation and amendment of laws and legal documents;
  • Enable better access to information in media- subtitling requirements
  • Co-operation with social, health and hearing rehabilitation institutions to enable access to hearing aids and services;
  • Publications of hearing issues, arranging conferences, trainings and informative meetings;
  • Coordinating and supporting the activities of the member organizations;
  • Co-operation and exchange of information with institutions, organizations and persons in- and outside of Estonia who contribute through their own activities to the aims of EVL.


  • The Annual General Meeting is held once a year. It analyses activities of the previous year and adopts action programmes for the coming period;
  • The Board consists of  7 members;
  • The Audit consists of 1 members.



EVL  operating areas are:

  • Regular meetings (discussions, lectures etc.)
  • Advisory services, adaptation training, seminars
  • Other activities (sports, handicraft, art etc circles) and events
  • Personal development (computer, language etc courses)



  • To get information about hearing impairment and how to cope with problems hard of hearing people are facing daily;
  • To get information about hearing aids and rehabilitation;
  • To be informed about possibilities of social welfare;
  • To influence the legal decisions concerning hard of hearing people;
  • To promote a positive attitude towards yourself and towards your role in society.



  • Member of the International Federation of Hard of Hearing People (IFHOH-Europe) since 1996;
  • The Finnish Federation of the Hard of Hearing since 1992
  • The Swedish Association of Hard of Hearing People in Värmland since 1999.



  • Publications
    • Monthly newspaper “Auris”
    • Magazine “Meie ise” (We Ourselves)
    • Booklets, handouts, folders etc
  • EVL website at
  • Information days for hard of hearing people
  • National publications, radio, TV



The population of Estonia is 1,35 million people. According to the medical studies there are 85,000 hard of hearing people in our country: 75% of them are elderly people, 18% between the age 18-65, 7% children under 18 years.



In Estonia there are 3 medical centers for hard of hearing people: two in Tallinn and one in Tartu which offer medical consultancy, examinations and hearing devices.



EVL also gives tinnitus sufferers up-to-date information and relevant literature.



There are 7 special schools for deaf and hard of hearing children in Estonia. Most of the hard of hearing children attend regular schools.



EVL comprises a youth section for young people. They arrange seminars, summer camps, publish a magazine “Meie ise” (We ourselves”). They have also attended international seminars for young hard of hearing people.